POSCCaesar Semantic Days 2008 Stavanger

Du er nå på Internett.

I am currently attending the Semantic Days 2008 in Stavanger. From the speakers, you recognize it’s a melting pot of Defence (Rear Admiral Morten Jacobsen and Major General Arnvid Løvbukten), Oil&Gas (StatoilHydro, DNV, NOV, Epsis) and Semantic Web. For the last subject, amongst others, Ora Lassila and Ian Horrocks presented. I also fall in the last subject.

Presentation Michael Ross, Lockheed Martin

The conference is located at Clarion Hotel Stavanger, in the city center. From my room I have a great view of the sourrounding sea and town, but there is not much time to go there.

Presentation Ian Horrocks

My presentation contains some new data about the use of semantic web technologies, but I will blog that extra, as it deserves some more space.

Download my slides here.