where are the it prophets?

In the biblical times, there used to be long-haired dudes somehow resembling the looks of Richard Stallmann who warned the folk about their sinning. “If you mingle with the ammonites, the rain will turn black and stink”.

Where are god’s prophets today? Who warns us of seemingly great technologies that turn bad? For example, predicate logic, why weren’t we warned? 🙂

So, asking the almighty google for “semantic web prophecy” gives no clear answer. It seems we haven’t been warned or the prophet did not climb the ranks into the first 10 hits. Interestingly, an article by me was ranked 6th.

Will the real IT prophet please stand up? We need someone to pass on gods comments about upcoming information technology. Applicants should hear god’s voice clearly and have the ability to speak in front of large audiences.

p.s.: Look like Stallman? actually biblical prophets had shaven heads, afaik. So Cpt. Picard lookalikes are also ok.

update: actually, googling for “semantic web prophet” has an springer book chapter by me on 3rd hit… who would have thought.

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  1. No, you are way too young and not fuzzy enough. I always thought of Nova Spivack being some kind of prophet for the SemWeb. Great name though …

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