perfect exception

perfect exception

Its the perfect exception:

* Its stacked, many things happened at once
* I saw it only once and clicking OK solved it
* It includes a ASCII to UTF-8 encoding problem which usually means that you will rot in debugging for a long time
* It is related to the internet
* It mixes multiple languages: Deutsch und English
* You have no clue what it means
* It is truncated and it seems some important part is missing

One Reply to “perfect exception”

  1. That’s gloriously perverse. It must be paradigmatic … simply must be. But … of what?

    Oh, I know: it’s hermetic!

    Hi there – I just came by while watching a documentary on some of the hardware built for BurningMan08. Leo, do you know someone who’s into music in a big way? I mean a big incendiary sorta way? You see one of the things I played with back in the hippie era was flame speakers. Yes, speakers that used flame as their uhhhhhh transducer. Quite a trick! The beauty of it is, the bigger the flame huh huh huh the better the bass. And, needless to say, the sound is crystalline clear.

    If you know of such a person, do me a kindness and hook me up? It takes mere moments to transmit the knowledge.


    p.s. the URL I pasted is of my domain … my synthesis of Jurgen Habermas and Taillard de Chardin.

    Oooh … no email field? no subscription for replies? *gick!*

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