Tom Heath on RDF Browsers

Tom Heath recently wrote about RDF Browsers in the IEEE Internet Computing Journal.

It’s at the level of “things” that browsers for the Web of data should operate. Providing simple browsers for RDF triples, and the documents in which they’re published, is one option for enabling people to interact with this information space. We saw this trend with some of the earliest Semantic Web browsers, but it rather misses the point. The one-page-at-a-time style of browsing, which we know well from the Web of documents, would make nothing of the potential we now have for integrated views of data assembled from numerous locations.

Right, I agree.
The core class in OWL and PIMO is called Thing for a reason.
Also this reminds me of our user interface abstractions used on the semantic desktop:
Figure: user interfaces in Semantic Desktop applications

Which we published in Leo Sauermann, Ansgar Bernardi, Andreas Dengel: Overview and Outlook on the Semantic Desktop. In Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on The Semantic Desktop at the ISWC 2005 Conference. http://