NOKIA uses Nepomuk/OSCAF ontologies for maemo mobile platform

Its official now, and we will soon put it on, but for my dear readers (Stefano!) I am able to break the news:

Image representing Nokia as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase

We examined the NEPOMUK ontologies and found that they are a well suited for our plans for the Nokia Maemo platform ( based next generation internet enabled mobile devices.

We are developing a mobile semantic content storage and retrieval solution that uses NEPOMUK as its base ontology. We are in the process of adapting and extending the ontologies and pushing the changes to be part of the NEPOMUK standards.

The recommendations created as standards by the NEPOMUK project are a solid foundation for the semantic mobile content solutions we are working on.

Kind regards,
Urho Konttori
Project Manager
Nokia – Maemo Desktop Data

Fyi: the NEPOMUK ontologies are managed by, if you also want to use them in business scenarios and want to join the standardization, jump on board

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