PhD step5: burning the last draft

After submitting my PhD in January, I continue my long-term effort to blog about my phd.

PhD BurningPhD Burning - Whisky and Leo

When you submitted your phd, according to an old scottish tradition, you burn the last printed draft in the woods. Gunnar Grimnes and I did adhere to that scottish tradition on the 10th of January 2009, it also includes drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages.

PhD Burning

The tradition also includes defending the thesis quickly, you say something like “I made a phd on helping people remember, and it is great.” – the attackers (your dudes) then shout “It is shit – burn it!”. Do that, and drink alcohol.

Please comment below, blog it, or contact me if you also burnt your phd. use the flickr tag phdburning.