Ars Electronica:, Nemo Observatory, and drawdio

On the weekend we have been on the Ars Electronica Festival – the 30th anniversary version of this art&technology festival in Linz. Awesome.

I will blog and put pictures online in the next weeks, here a few previews:

Leobard doing the game – its guitar hero with headbanging. röckers, you häve to dö it.

Here is Ingrid in the Nica-Award winning Nemo Observatory, its a “private tornado”, you sit on a comfortable chair in the eye of the storm. Polystrene balls and ventilators build the storm:

And we visited the MIT exhibition, traditionally a place where the best interactive media art people in the world gather. Drawdio really cought us, a simple rep-rapped device using an electrical current going through your body and watercolor paint to create a musical painting experience, at (I would guess) a low cost of 10$ per device and electrical materials you have in your drawer at home. Googling for it, I instantly found that they published it on Instructables in a pencil-based version. Just enjoy the movies: