Mannheim Lawyers go beyond law – sue twitter user “mannheim”

The german city “Mannheim” is suing the twitter user “Mannheim”, a guy living and working in Mannheim. CAN YOU HAZ TWITTER?

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Mark has now received a letter via registered mail from the City of Mannheim, which says that he must sign the letter and give up the Twitter account, or suffer the full force of a city’s legal team as they try to drag our a**es through the courts.

In my opinion, the city of Mannheim can fuck off. If they forget to register their own name on twitter, they are clearly years behind. And they will always be too late in all the good services, so if they start doing this with Twitter, where will it end? The german legislation allows you to sue for DOMAIN names, which is kind-of-ok, but with web 2.0 accounts? Anyway, I am with the small David here against Goliath.