Showing at CeBIT – see you there?

So, after many months of setting up a company, we have our second public appearance: is going to show up at CeBIT. We will be giving demos of our first product “” and give away alpha accounts for selected users. There will also be a great video about it.

We have been working many months to get a minimum viable product running. That means, we are going to offer first the core feature of semantic personal information management: links. From the vast amount of things we learned from the NEPOMUK EU project, the first thing that is commercially available from us are links between websites. That gives you the chance to try out the thing online and us the chance to give you more features every month.

So, to learn more: come to CeBIT 2010. I and Martina Gallova are going to be at the booth as part of the DFKI booth in Hall 9, booth B45. We will also be giving a future talk on Thursday, 4th March, at 17:00 in Hall 9. And we hope to be able to show people what we do at Bitkom’s innovator pitch (you can also wish us good blessing for winning a price there).

I am very happy with the forthcoming of the company so far. Everything took a bit longer as expected, but the results are nice. Between December and January, we rehauled the user interace (kudos to Bernhard Schandl and the development team for leading this). We are negotiating partner deals with interesting companies to bring the semantic desktop and to you as soon as possible.

So, I won’t go into details, this leaves plenty of things to talk about at our booth at CeBIT. If you want to meet us – please please write me a mail before. We are going to be very busy and it would be good if we can make an appointment beforehand. I can also organize you a free entry ticket for the meeting, if you need one.

Especially if you are a journalist of professional blogger, it is always better to plan meetings beforehand. At the DFKI booth there is always press around and politicians creating buzz, if you want a calm moment, maybe take care and book one.

Of course, there will be Mozart Choccolate Balls at the booth for you (my traditional talk give-away), we also give away some buttons, but most important – very very rare Alpha User invitation codes.

(btw: ESTC 2009 and getting a price at innocation camp there was our first appearance)