I am legend – the yoghurt

As mostly no one of you may know, gnowsis.com is moving out of our offices in two days, because inits.at, our incubation company, is moving to nicer offices, and so are we.

But that is not why this blog post: its instead about “I am legend – the Yoghurt”. As we are moving, the refrigerator of the startup companies also has to be emptied. And as in any shared kitchen (as in shared appartments), this means legendary food items coming to light. And here, startups have to leave after 18 months, so we have a lot of history in this fridge. I will not talk about the obviously molding italian pasta in glasses from 2008 or the piccolo champagne bottle I just nicked (it has “Smart” written on it and is dated 2004, but sparkling wine can’t go bad I guess, so probably thanks to the smarties, har har). But instead I will talk of the untouchable “I am legend – the Yoghurt”.

Of course, as old Burning-Man-use-what-you-find enthousiast, I was cherry-picking through the leftovers to find some stash for myself. After picking up an excellent Red Bull Can which was already glued to the shelf by dried-up-whatever-liquid (and expired in 2009, so safe for me to enjoy) and behind glasses from 2006, there I found it: “I am legend”.

I Am Legend - The Yoghurt

A Yoghurt saying it went bad in Dezember, but I don’t know which year. Here is a picture of its heavily dented top, which I leave for someone else to pierce.

btw: our new address will be: Bürocenter Wienzeile
Graumanngasse 7, Stiege B, Stock 5, Tür 5
A-1150 Wien, Österreich. Thats here:

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