19 dead at Loveparade, sad

The news is full of reports on 19 people who died yesterday at Loveparade in Duisburg. It is sad. I am feeling sad about it.

I specially feel sad when I look at this picture I shot on 4th December 1999 at the Air&Style contest on Bergisel:

For us, this picture was a glance around closing time of the party down to the exit on the lower left. Bernhard, Kathrina and I decided “lets go to the upper exit, too many people down there”. When we drove away in the car, after 30 minutes on the road, we heard on the radio that 5 people were trampled dead on that exit. We were shocked, sad, and very sad.

When seeing a big messy crowd and there is the light feeling of “lets wait a minute until there are less people”, don’t take it lightly. I pray now.