Going to Burning Man 2010 – who will be there? Need an RV Bed?

Like four years ago, on the 8th August 2006, I ask the question:

Ok, who from the Semantic Web guys and girls is going to Burning Man this year?

I am too busy preparing my art project “God Sees” to do all the semantic web querying – last time Dan Brickley connected me to Tom Longson. This resulted in this photo
nym and leo

and a fucking awesome video where we explain semantic web to Mad Max (watch or skip to the end!):

and greetings to Dan Brickley:

this time I await more answers! Semantic Web and Burning Man have grown.

You go to Burning Man?
please contact me via Facebook or my email adresses,

  • Look for “leobard” and “Leo Sauermann” in “The Playa Directory”.
  • Our camp is around Baghdad and 5:30.
  • Also look for the balloon going up and down saying “God Sees“. Thats our art project.

Btw: We have 2 beds in our RV for rent. Its a fair deal sharing costs, but you may need to adjust your travel plans. If you want cosy RV space, contact me.

You are not going to Burning Man but now you want? Do it. Don’t move it to next year (although, 3 weeks before the event, thats usually too late to organize everything, but anyway, next year you may be dead and talking to your maker – if that happens – only Jesus can save you – so- logic or not – be there once in your life).

This is gonna be great, I know it will, as I was there 2006 (click for one line report) and 2008 on Nowhere in Spain. I love you all!