The black cat in the black room.

Inspired by a cartoon:

Theology is like being in a dark room searching for the warmth of a black cat that you sometimes feel and that makes you happy. Reading articles of witnesses who where in the room when it was light and described the cat as clearly visible and their experiments and results with the black cat. As the articles are 2000 years old, they are disputed. Replicating the experiments is disputed as the black cat is described as physically gone, but it’s warm pelt can still be felt after 2000 years. You like the warm sensation and based on the 2000 year old witness accounts, you try to get the warm feeling. Note that the black cat said that “people should care for each other”. The warmth you feel may come from other people you cuddle to, who also look for the black cat. Or from the ghost of the black cat. You turn on the light and cuddling and friendship remain.