will there be compilers in heaven?

The day I have infinite time, I can fix all the bugs in gnowsis. I can enter all my wisdom into my semantic desktop and I can exchange my knowledge with others. When I am dead, I am in heaven, because I trust in Jesus. So, when I am dead I have infinite time.

So, the burning question is: will there be computers in heaven? Important theological question, for sure, because worshipping god all day is important, but a relaxing round of starcraft or Quake2 in between would surely please. Ok, perhaps they have much cooler stuff in heaven, but at least coding would be good.

Lets read the relevant literature. The article “will there be harleys in heaven?” by John G. Stackhouse, and recommended to me by Michael Robb has this theory:

When I was 26, my wife and brother prevailed upon me to give up my black Honda motorbike. They were afraid of motorcycles and couldn’t have peace knowing I was traversing Chicago’s expressways and city streets on one. So I gave it up. And I did so with heaven in mind. I theologized that in the life to come, God would give me a whole stable of motorcycles, racing cars, powerboats, airplanes, and other mechanical pleasures I had forgone in this life because of their danger as well as their cost. And if there weren’t motorcycles in heaven, I reasoned, God would provide something better: perhaps airborne “speeders” as in the Star Wars movies.

Star wars speeders. If we have pods and speeders in heaven, we surely have eclipse and Gimp, perhaps infinite bandwith and processing power. So, all those fancy mashups will be free in heaven. cool.

Two things follow for me:
a) the outcome of gnowsis is not so important anyway, when I am dead it is just dust in the wind, soon forgotten
b) I probably won’t need compilers in heaven, when they have 74-Z speederbikes there.

so, if you desperately need a semantic desktop soon, code it yourself. Its all open source. After visiting burning man and knowing that I have 74-Z’s in heaven, there is no pressure to do this myself


Why am I not on google?

“Why am i not on google?” – Asked my Friend and prayer partner Michael Robb. He is missionary in Kaiserslautern and I was drinking beer with him yesterday – actually Gromgull also had one of his beers.

So, the answer is probably: because the website of vision of god in europe is not search engine optimized. So blogging about this site probably helps a little, we will see.

Funny, Michael’s website is made very well, nice colors and many options. For example they have a photo gallery. Browsing a little I find a photo of my bible group, which is hosted in my living room. And – oho – photo of fraunhofers. Well, his wife works there. Something like a blog is also there, but no RSS feeds nor comments, so not a real blog.

He started a page about Katharina, but not much there.

So the answer about “why am I not in findeable” is probably – because nobody blogged about you before. hope this helps, and god bless your stuff Michael.

apologies for my christian creationists brothers&sisters

reading this interesting article about creationists hammering questions at poor museum employees shows me again how sad religious fundamentalism is.

I believe in GOD and that GOD created earth and that he came here to live amongst us as human being, Jesus Christ, to share our fears, joys and death. And that GOD is good and masters the universe alone.

So, why do people that say they love jesus and love GOD go to their poor brothers & sisters in a museom to bludgeon them by poundering creationist propaganda at them?

There is more than one type of creationist, he said: “thinking creationists who want to know answers, and they are willing to listen, even if they go away unconvinced” and “people who for whatever reason are here to bother you, to trap you, to bludgeon you.”

Those were the type of people who confronted Dr. Durkee, a former biology professor at Grinnell College in Iowa. The encounter left her discouraged.

Yeah, great work, creationists. Dr Durkee will love to hear of the love of god and Jesus after you have left her discouraged and annoyed her one hour by asking dumb learned-by-heart questions. Probably some pastor told you to ask these 80 year old and annoying questions that every person of science just laughs at (but if you work in a museum, you have to be polite and cannot hit back).

I can imagine Dr Durkee will love to join you to your sunday mass and then go into your small groups to be again be bludgeoned by you? Very evangelistic to show that you are stubborn fanatics. What would jesus do in a museum? Would he show his love to the people working there (usually underpaid and annoying work for the public benefit, annyhow). OR would jesus motivate the people there, gratulate them, help them, pray for them? I don’t know, but I think people didn’t feel annoyed when Jesus was just in the room.

They peppered Dr. Durkee with questions about everything from techniques for dating fossils to the second law of thermodynamics, their queries coming so thick and fast that she found it hard to reply.

After about 45 minutes, “I told them I needed to take a break,” she recalled. “My mouth was dry.”

Exactly these questions are so annoying and brought up again and again by pseudo-wise-fanatic-reality-denying-creationists. Hey, read your bible: there are two creation stories, the first one is just two pages long. Why should you think that GOD couldn’t relevate some of the details he left in this Moses1 passage to be discovered by scientists??? Do you fanatics really only have one BOOK or do you read some stuff by Augustine or CS Lewis also? So, if you think that god speaks to these holy people, why don’t you grab a copy of “The Origin Of Species” and read the last pages where Darwin mentiones the work of God??? You are so lame, creationists, I am really ashamed of you.

And, consider god didn’t make you from mud (like in Moses1), while mud means dead animals and plants, but instead made you out of monkeys? Whats the difference, do you think god loves you less if he made you out of monkeys? Or do you think Jesus blood is less worth if he descendet from humans?

That said, it’s upon HIM how he created the earth, the sun and everything. If it was by evolution and by big-bang — so be it. God could have prepared the whole thing quite intelligent and then let it grow itself, to just concentrate on bugfixing human behaviour and joining us impersonated as Jesus. Or, he made the whole thing (universe, earth, etc) in one big moment, but then the dinosaurs never lived but are just created as dead things under the earth’s surface, to challange us a little. (dinosaurs bones are a million years old. point. If god created them “instantly” 10.000 years ago, he created them as fossils already).

People of the world: pray to Jesus and God, thats a good thing to do, but I have to apologize for my brothers and sisters who think that their faith can be threatened by science.