Why am I not on google?

“Why am i not on google?” – Asked my Friend and prayer partner Michael Robb. He is missionary in Kaiserslautern and I was drinking beer with him yesterday – actually Gromgull also had one of his beers.

So, the answer is probably: because the website of vision of god in europe is not search engine optimized. So blogging about this site probably helps a little, we will see.

Funny, Michael’s website is made very well, nice colors and many options. For example they have a photo gallery. Browsing a little I find a photo of my bible group, which is hosted in my living room. And – oho – photo of fraunhofers. Well, his wife works there. Something like a blog is also there, but no RSS feeds nor comments, so not a real blog.

He started a page about Katharina, but not much there.

So the answer about “why am I not in findeable” is probably – because nobody blogged about you before. hope this helps, and god bless your stuff Michael.

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