7 days to gnowsis alpha

seven days until gnowsis alpha release.

Some parts of gnowsis work better now then one year before. Most parts are quite good. The user interface is still bad ­čÖé

Announcing RDF Browsers is a good thing to do, so I announce the Gnowsis Semantic Web browser!

Next tuesday, you will see the alpha version of Gnowsis “Enquire2” browser which is part of the gnogno ui package.

It can render RDF in a half-intuitive way and can be used to link any resource using a central RDF database. But what rules is DragNDrop support. We can drag-drop files from th e MacOSX finder and windows explorer into gnowsis.

That reminds me of Timothy Falconer’s post about his wife playing solitaire. I like this article very much. My wife also likes to play solitaire very much and on sunday, it opened my eyes: I have to write an application that is used by my wife as frequently as solitaire.

So enquire2 should be a solitaire replacement. My wife tried it out, but it is still too difficult to use. So we will probably have a student program a photo annotation tool to test this solitaire thesis ­čÖé

btw: 7 days until gnowsis alpha!