rdf browser peek overview

the deperate need for a “I need a rdf browser, quick!” made me to install isavic, brownsauce and ifered and ideagraph in 30 minuntes and try them out on a big SKOS file. libby was on #swig and pointed me to some apps.


is running good, but is not end-user friendly. It should put out a message in system.out saying “now open your browser to localhost:8080/brownsauce” and then perfect.

it is a rdf browser that uses a small web server (looks like jetty to me) and visualises rdf. great click-feel. fast.

a graphical rdf tool. editing, …
requires some apis to install, but no big deal.
was doomed by my skos file, the visualisation was just a big blob of nodes. took 30sec to do it. The result was not really browsable

graphical rdf editor from intellidimension.com. quite ok, but no real rdf browsing. only basic editing, no end user thing. but the right direction, easy installable.


quite cool tool. can propose its usage. download it. uses aqua skin, like we do in gnowsis installer. quite cool look and feel. better than any of the above.
loading my skos, it completely draw pandemonia:


hm, so perhaps it is true what i said about the general rdf browser is not possible.

cheers Leo

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