julie and crschmidt…

when humans and chatbots join, things like julie’s web interface may be the result.

first eaon pointed me to it, now crschmidt himself and it is great:


See the pictures of people in a chat room.
Based on foaf files, foaf:nick and foaf:img and the distributed web of foaf files

read more in crschmidt’s blog
here’s an excerpt:

lorebot, an IRC based bot who collects information from IRC services on who is online in different channels. Once this information is collected, it displays a “who’s online” information page, with links to further information provided by julie, a Redland bot who collects data from FOAF files. The lorebot page has pretty much all the documentation you’d need: if you’re interested in seeing how it works, you can stop by irc.freenode.net, #swig for a demonstration. For a version of what kind of data this spits out, see the: #swig online_users page.