I switched.

Yesterday Ingrid went to get our new baby, a brand new iBook G4. We called it “eden” and I am moving many things on it. Apple is great, I waited to have one for years. I am really happy now. This is it, and I instantous fell in deep admiration to Apple.


The real nice thing is, Eclipse runs slow but smooth and I can hack www.gnowsis.org with the thing. Simple thing, install eclipse, checkout gnowsis from cvs, everything works. cool, on Linux this was hell of a thing to do. ( the java install alone, argh).

On the screen you see part of our “in development” RDF-Gui builder tools. I am an old Delphi hacker, so I need Gui tools simple as delphi to work with RDF. We are starting with a very low tech and neat framework. On the “screenshot” above you see the framework running. As usually, I edit the foaf.rdfs ­čÖé

to all who never believed it, I did not believe it, too. And to those who do not believe, it is not a complete switch, my infrastructure is now:

  • Apple iBook G4 “Eden”
  • Work Notebook Acer Travelmate WinXp
  • Linux Server “Franse.leobard.net”
  • Home Notebook HP “Bundeslade”

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