the endless problem and backdraw of using iTunes: it mingles up your file folders and contents.

  • when I drag a song into iTunes 2 times, there will be a copy of the song in it. Even when they are byte-identical. youaredoomed when importing the same folder twice. I think this is fixed in the latest version.
  • when I remove a song from itunes and FORGET to press that “delete it” button there will be corpses of unused songs in my iTunes library-graveyard.
  • when I have two, three, four computers (I have 5) then you can install iTunes only on one. All your playlists, ratings, songs will NOT be synchronised.
  • when two users on the same computer both use iTunes, their libraries are not synchronisable. DOOM when your wife wants to listen to the same music as you – you have to keep each mp3 twice (creepy). NO I want to use the “let itunes manage my library” function and I don’t want folders somewehre else.

so, the problem is to get the library in iTunes synchronised with the iTunes library on disk (iTunes claims to “manage your library” but I don’t see this “find corpses” button). Then I want to synchronise (not replicate, there is a differnce) two or more iTunes installations. I also want to use the same library and metadata on the same computer by different users. Again, both may open iTunes at the same time. As apple doesn’t care, a few solutions are available by others: