SPARQL has some use – Kendall Clark

Kendall Clark writes about WEB 2.0 and its relation to RDF and SPARQL, especially pointing out (to the wide world) that SPARQL is good for ATOM-like apps and can be a key feature.

Yes, thats right. Sparql will be the SQL of the next century. The nice hack he pointed out is to use XML/RPC and AJAX clients to integrate SPARQL features to websites. Boy, this idea is new and good. I think I ready implemented it last week in the gnowsis project and am right now in pimping up the CSS with dominik heim. More poeople will come up with similiar stuff and integrate RDF into html pages as active information.

In gnowsis_retrieval search engine we use the AJAX thing to “show related” information about an item. Ideal thing, this information is hard to get for many items, so loading it on demand is exact the thing we needed.

Funny that we are ahead, that’s what research is about, isn’t it?