ISWC2005 trip report- intro

ISWC!!!! ISWC!!!! my first big conference and my first chance to meet the community I live in. Great. Astonishing. Zoot! Pimp my life at the ISWC. From my arrival on the green island until our departure, it was a good time. Networking, Discussing, bringing the semantic web alive, architecture discussions, planning open source stuff….

so, my pics are on flickr, justr clickr thisr:

there was no cow at the workshop

And most important: I met all those people whom I only knew as CVS commit names or as mailinglist posters. The community is great and 99% percent of the people there were interesting. My biggest feeling after this event: these people think similar to me, have ideas, have plans, great projects, nice lives, are moving around, work here and there, make photos, etc.

In this blog entry, I am going to just writeup my personal notes of the trip and how I felt my being at the ISWC, follow ups will come for the Semantic Desktop Workshop and my talk on thursday and everything else.

I arrived on Friday night, at about 23:00 in shannon airport. There, I met another guy from DFKI who took the same plane as I but whom I never have seen before. Funny thing when you work in a company with over 200 artificial intelligence researchers + hundreds of students. Hotel was great, here is a pic of my room.

bed at greatsouthernshannon

It helped me to have a productive day on saturday.