ISWC2005: Saturday, 5. November 2005

getting up, having breakfast at great southern. Hm, good tea there. Then to buseireann to get to galway. There, arrived, I headed for our bed&breakfast reception, to get the keys to our appartment.

Some DFKI members decided to take an appartment together, increases sociality. I had the task to get the keys, because the others arrived there at night. So, 11:00 and being at b&b. Greeted there by Christine. She is Austria, as I am and lives now for a year in Ireland, working. At a b&b. And now the final surprise – she blogs. Here is Christine’s blog. She also mentions our arrival in her blog. The blogosphere works.

Ok, after chatting I headed for Stefan Decker’s office at DERI to prepare the Semantic Desktop Workshop with him. DERI isn’t so easy to find, they have recently moved and when I visited them last, they were somewhere else. So when I finally found the building I stumbled through offices until by accident stumbling into some W3C meeting taking place there. Whoops. I found Stefan’s office and found him busy as usual. Ok, first I talked long with Eyal Oren about his semperwiki, he gave me a demo and I instantly saw the resemblance to the ideas I already hacked 2003 for gnowsis, but now with a different approach. Funny, that I learned to use wiki technology at

Stefan and I had the whole afternoon to talk about architecture, upcoming projects and other stuff. Nice to get something done, looking forward to next year when we work together more closely. He insisted to show me the identity 2.0 talk by Dick Hardt and I was baffled. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. And do it like Lawrence Lessig said: “Dick Hardt is brilliant. Watch (and copy) the style. Learn tons from the substance. (My pride is tied to the style only).”

So a thought started in me: I have to copy this style.

In the evening, when I came home, Bertin Klein was already there, funny thing. He came before the others. We decided to go eat something and instantly stumbled across Gerald Reif, who was my Diploma Thesis mentor and since 2003 is a very good SemWeb friend of mine. So we headed to get a beer and had our first semdesk discussions great. At the evening, I saw “Dude where is my car” on local telly, never saw this one before but was surprised how funny the movie is.