ISWC2005 trip: Tuesday, 8. November 2005

First real conference day. During the day I attended one or the other session. Lunch in the Radisson was ok this time. In the afternoon, I chatted with Christiaan De Fluit, our co-conspirant in the sourceforge project aperture. I forgot to tell him that we had to release aperture in thursday, I somehow mixed up the conference timetable and thought I had my talk on friday. So we had to make the distro for Aperture and had some discussions on version numbers and about howto providing the download. Chris adapted to the changed deadline and said he will do the work. Good cooperation, gave me more time to think about the slides. We planed to make the first release of Aperture during my talk at the ISWC, will give aperture a good start in publicity.

Most interesting part of this day was the poster session in the big room. I made some photos there. And I met many new people during this poster session. Especially Patrick Stickler and Alistair Miles are people I first met there.

Afterwards, we flocked together and went to O’Neaghtaens ,Quaye street(hm, probably wrong spellt anyway). Patrick was there, a few Americans, later the Hannover group suddenly appeared for a few minutes. When this pub shut down, a flock of five headed for the appartment of someone and we got great liquor there. And had nice conversations. Thankfully, a good fairy drove us home and I had a nice sleep in the DFKI appartment. Topics this evening were about the censorship around the world, for example in Iran and China and how the semantic web relates.