ISWC2005 trip: Monday, 7. November 2005

Morning waking up motivated. Today we had an internal meeting in the morning. I went with some people with whom I am going to work together to a nearby restaurant. We did not have the lunch vouchers for this day and therefore headed to lunch outside. Again interesting talks, this time about real use cases in biology science. Afternoon I sneaked into the Semantic End User Applications Workshop. Hm, interesting discussion, but a little too high for me. I had to do my slides for thursday, anyway, so I started with them. I now really had the plan to completely change my presentation style, inspired by Dick Hardts talk I saw two days ago with Stefan really changed the way I saw powerpoint now. Powerpoint can be art. Don’t narcotise your audience with bad slides.

So, the scientific day was a great inspiration for me hacking on my slides.

In the evening, we went out together. What I remember is that we went to an indian restaurant. Michael is an expert on indian restaurants and was informed beforehand. We met the Rudiversum later on in a pub. One short beer there, but I knew that the big crowd should be at Mac Swiggans. So I asked Malte if he wants to join and we decided to reduce it to one beer with the Rudiverse and later move on. So, a couple of people went on to Mac Swiggans, where we found – nobody. We looked around, had a peek the stairs up, but didn’t find nobody. Hm, whatever, it was a 10minute walk from the other pubs away and this motivated us to stay and go for a few beers. Later we went home. I sold one gnowsis t-shirt to Francisco and gave him a demo of gnowsis.

The next day I learned from Libby and Uldis the interesting background info: sem-webbing people were upstairs and there were hundreds of them upstairs. argh, these pubs can really be big.