updated my publications page

The lovely task of gathering metadata, like honeybees we wander our files to generate sweet data for the semantic web.

So, I updated my publications page:

That is an interesting task, it works like this:

  1. (install rdf homepage, if you haven’t done yet)
  2. I look at my publications page, what misses
  3. I update my bibtex file, adding all I need
  4. When I don’t know how to do bibtex, I look into Svens or Heikos rdf homepages
  5. I generate bibtex/RDF from it, using some tool we always use for RDFhomepage
  6. I look again atpublications , this time I see what links miss to other people. You see the nice links to all my co-authors? Guess where they come from…
  7. my foaf file. So I have to update my foaf-file, because rdfhomepage compares the bibtex/rdf against my foaf file to find the correct co-author homepages.
  8. But hey, why write your foaf yourself, copy friends-of-friends from foaf-files of friends like Sven and Heiko
  9. I upload the foaf file to niij.org, where Michael hosts my personal website. thx to Michi for that ;-9
  10. I press refresh on my publications page and am delighted.
  11. I go to my “About” page and see that my friends from my foaf file are also there 🙂

this all rocks so hard that Gunnar has written a paper on it, together with some buddies at DFKI, as you can see on Gunnar’s RDF homepage.

So whoops, I forgot to add this paper to my bibtex file…. 🙂

… will do that on monday 🙂

and and by the way, Heimwegehas painted this rocking logo for RDF Homepage, which I cannot hide from you:
rdfhomepage logo