spam poetry – wife you say?

e-mail spam, who doesn’t know them.

while deleting the spam in my dfki-work inbox, this e-mail survived the 10milliseconds of fame and made it here:
subject: Re: jovedVzlAGRA
… [some viagra price list now] …
… [a web link i won’t place here and I would never click]….

and then a personal note from the spammer:
wife you say? Can anything be done about that? Let me think-yes-
something can be done. Out there, in those so-called civilized planets
nothing could be done. Here it can. For I am Svinjar – and Svinjar can

I can really learn from him.
Here it can!!!! For He is Svinjar, Svinjar the Spammer!!! He, not from the civilized planets, but from “there”, where HE can!

For I am Svinjar – and Svinjar can. Could say that forever.

Luckily I believe in Jesus, and not investing my illegally earned spamming revenue in hallucinogenic drugs to write weird messages in my spam. Hey, Viagra sellers – you hire morons to make your mass e-mails, ever thought about that your money invested in spam marketing is going to Svinjar?

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  1. and more:

    Hold him! Svinjar shouted and I was grabbed tightly, struggled to
    get free, couldnt quite make it.
    Svinjar was standing over me, pushing the point of the sword into my

    and better:
    cannot face it. We are too trained for survival and nothing else.
    Nothing in our programming and our lives has ever prepared us for a
    time without war. Without the threat of invasion. Some of us assemble,

    All my programming belongs to you, Svinjar, i wont assemble and buy your shit….

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