macosx: the lost menu icons

I am sitting in front of my beloved 12″ iBook, called “Eden”.

I love it so much that I installed and use a billion of productiveness and communication tools, like plazes, iTunes, bluetooth, wireless, VPN, Adium, … and … hm … weren’t there more? Where are those icons?

Yes, macOsX has a design flaw: when you have many apps running and they place icons in the icon-bar to the upper right – the icons get lost. Applications like safari have such a big menu that the icons are all hidden, bad appl.

Thanks to story on this problem which uses a good-googleable language, I was able to find a nice solution: the application “no menu bar”. This app has only one goal: nothing. So that I can refind all those icons I didn’t see for months, ah, there is plazes…. finally gets those precious pixel spaces on my screen it deserves.


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