some media of burningman

In this post i collect some sources I am going to present in 5 minutes to my friends.

The last two weeks, Ingrid and me went to the burning man festival, together with Lars Zapf and a friend of him, Holger Rath. It is a weird task to explain the event to others, but I will do an attempt using a mashup of videos, photos, reviews, blog posts, google maps, and personal experiences.

if you never heard of it, just look at the pictures to get an impression:

here is a brief attempt to explain

To generate an open and relaxed atmosphere, we will drink beer and move this event to the evening, and go to a nicer location than 372 (at the coffee corner or, if possible, outside?)

thursday, 18:00

We want to order pizza for this, if you want to have pizza, we will order together at pizza attack.

if you can, please bring some beer, and contact me about how much you can contribute.
all Hiwis, friends, relatives welcome.