Aduna goes open source

Aduna, the company that is known for guided exploration of compnay information, and of course for programming the sesame server at, and for autofocus, and and and …. they have swichted their business model to open source.

read their statement on open-source.

They have also changed their name to “Aduna-Software”, giving focus on what they do (software).

This continues what I have experienced working with them together on Aperture, the framework I have been using now in the latest gnowsis system to crawl data from various file-formats and data sources. We developed this together, they use it for the new version of Autofocus.

Aperture raised interest, Henry Story from SUN blogged about how important it is to have projects like Aperture to make the semantic web run.

A new website was created to separate open-source services from company issues, this seems to be their open-source portal:

and look, they use their own tech to crawl their own website and have a search interface.

So, best wishes for Aduna-Software from my side and looking forward for the release of Sesame2.