SilverFire mutates to “Verlängerte Bar” or “Endless Bar”

Since a few years I work an a idea called “SilverFire”.

The idea is to connect two parties using Video-Conferencing technology. People sitting in a Bar can talk to other people sitting in another bar, in another city, on another continent, drinking beer, chatting. The Video-Conferencing System connecting the party-people is an aid to create a global party. In full scale, each party can connect to more parties, if each party connects to three other parties, a network of parties, musik, communication, people emerges. A global SilverFire.

Info on the project is a little offline, because eaon had to lock down his wiki, but some blog posts remain:

So the “endless bar” or “verlängerte bar” concept would involve a setup such as this:

     video connection via Skype
Leo               V      Fra
Ingrid            |      Grenzfurthner
Martin            |      Evelyn
Katrin            |      Karin
in Kaiserslautern |      in Vienna

The video-system should be placed at the end of a bar, or at the end of a table, so that the table is “enlarged” virtually.

Insipiration to this Event, and the name Silver Fire, came from the Greg Egan Story Silver Fire, a book that Malte Kiesel boworred me some time ago.

Next “Verlängerte Bar” will happen at the Kliklabor in Kaiserslautern.

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  1. we have macbooks with internal or external isight cam, ichat is already installed !

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