Making desktop search worth it: connecting strigi, beagle++, aperture

Did you ever ask yourself why you can’t find anything on your own computer, but can find stuff in the internet? Its the great search engines.

On the desktop, the Nepomuk project is aiming to enhance desktop search with semantic features. So additional to asking “where are these files with ‘money'” you can ask for things related to job offers within the last month.

Sebastian Trüg (whom you may know because you have been using K3B to burn CDs, watch the “about” window of this KDE app) is leading the Semantic Desktop integration for KDE, and he connected us with many other people, for example Jos van den Oever from the Strigi project.

We have set up a wiki page with plans for the future, and will try to integrate RDF search with fulltext search. This would allow a very generic, “technically beautiful” solution to data indexing, RDF is very generic and reusable and fulltext-indexing is quite handy already.

Pray for us, hold your thumbs, if all goes well, we will agree on one standard and desktop search will rock and roll.

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