Semantic Desktop Article in “Technology Review”

The word is out there – the german “Technology Review” magazine, a partner of MIT’s technology review, has published an article about the semantic desktop and myself in its februar issue.

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If you happen to be in a german-speaking country like Germany, Austria or Switzerland, go to a good bookstore and buy the february 2007 issue. The article sums up my idea of a Semantic Desktop very good, and they also have nice articles on the future of food. The keypoint is, that Semantic Web is a good idea, and Semantic Desktop can help start it.

Gordon Bolduan interviewed me, and I will publish a photo of him interviewing me (which I made) later in February – because I am going on holiday now! see the next post for more…

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  1. folks, I contacted the author of the German Article on Semantic Desktop, Gordon Bolduan who works at Technology Review. He said that the english TR has published an article on web 3.0/semantic web shortly before the semantic desktop article, and therefore their need for semantic web related stories was fulfilled for the moment.
    Technology Review does not publish their articles online, so I also can’t put a version on the web.

    that said: guys, make a semantic web application that rocks so hard that it breaks news.

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