Microcultures and the WII

The dude behind Wired said in some interview I happened to see, that the culture is stretching out. Still, the big ones get 80% of the market, this won’t change, but the remaining 20% get split over a far bigger area and are increasingly important. I think he called it “the far end” or “the end of the curve”, whatever its called: Important is the fact that we are moving to microcultures.

When I visit a friend, we listen to a radio station only airing electro remixes of C64 songs, which you can receive on the net. See, its the dude from Kaiserslautern who enjoys electro remixes of C64 songs who is the market of tomorrow.

You will instantly see what I mean here and get a feeling for whats happening by watching it happen: I googled for videos on the nintendo WII and all I found was microculture:

So what do you do when you get hands on a WII controller and a DJ software? Nothing, if you are like me, but if you are DJ shift-1 and take your thing serious, you go for it. You remix it, you make a video out of it, you invest a few days of video editing and you happen to have a gig at bootiesf.com in may….

There is one thing in this for my own satisfaction: when I was dancing on any techno event years ago, I longed for this experience of controlling the music by dancing. So I am looking forward to the time this hits the markets and we have youths on festivals remixing and dancing their own music… not so far away, or? If it ever happens, drag me out of my adult life and force me to join it, perhaps I will be too conservative to dig it.

Next is a video demonstration of using a WII controller on a windows computer to play Halflife two:

At the same moment, the authors refers to a wiki of the www.wiili.org developer hangout and an IRC channel on freenode.net about wiili, and doesn’t forget to mention that the music we hear is from his DJ friend djsbx.com who happens to publish his trance/house music freely on the internet.

These dudes are good in what they do, they do the right thing in the right way, respect. The second video shows how this guy connects to his peers using a wiki and an IRC chat, and that he gives credit to the guy doing the music. All is done by namedropping a few web addresses. I like this. Its not much effort, it doesn’t take many people or money to do it, but it reaches out.

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  1. My take on the tech wave of the late 60s is as follows: when someone in the garage band needed a new tube for his amp we just collectively dipped into our collective pockets.

    In my notepad circa 1985 (long ago lost to the flooding basement of my country home, but that’s another story) there is the sketch of a tri-axial music controller … rotating mirrors with lasers, all of that … homely as sin!

    Will be be saved from impending doom by realizing our nature as homo ludens! God help the child who cannot afford the toys of today!

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