heraldic logos

Marian Bantjes blogged a year ago about the art of heraldic banner design. First of all: I want such a banner, darn that I don’t carry my shield with me every day. Perhaps the back of my Laptop will also do. Second, this aint no bad way of annotation.

“…Corporate logos are most often completely meaningless, or they try to portray something quite complex without having a language to express it.


marian bantje's logo
“Designing logos would be an act of science: careful symbology applied in, yes, a creative and pleasing manner, that tells the tale of mergers, takeovers and change of business. At least then it would all mean something. Anyone could look at a logo and read its history. Logo changes would indicate what had changed. And it wouldn’t matter if the CEO did or didn’t like green; wanted or didn’t want a dog; loved or hated the shape. Then at last, we could look at a new logo and understand, “Ah, a young telecommunications company with sales over $100 million/yr which has merged with a digital company and is transistioning into the entertainment industry. I see.