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Danny Ayers blogged :
If you only watch one video this year, let it be this one: The Semantic Web of Data (streamed, 8mins 24secs)
I can only copy that, apart for my admiration for Tim Berners-Lee, this video has some very nice things to remember. Tim has the vision, he had all the ideas in the first place and he is professional enough to have no problem repeating himself, explaining the semantic web again and again.


The web in the first place was something which solved a particular frustration I had, it scratched an itch that ….we would make life a whole lotta easier. The web of data, Semantic Web, same thing, frustration that I cannot pull that data and pull that other data and connect them. … How do these publication fit in with these events. … Where is the nearest coffee place to that friend I want to take out for lunch.

So, he did the right thing: he solved a problem he had. Usually you would say that you must not use yourself as your reference customer, but it seems that there are exceptions… ­čÖé

The video was done by the technology review, an interview. It only features Tim, no commentary nor questions.

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