Got Schmapped is a website providing dynamic travel guides. Instead of using boring stock photos, they also use flickr photos to illustrate their guides. I was contacted by them if they could use one of my photos for their guide (thanks to CC this all works).
Update (27.9.2007): As the photo wasn’t CC licensed (Thanks Maggi for pointing it out), I have to add that they asked me if they could do it. Hm, I wonder if they look for good pictures or for CC pictures.

Now, their guide is updated and here is the section where they use my photo (taken during ISWC 2005, of the conference dinner 🙂

They have a schmaplet to embed the post in blog-posts, but it seems that my blog-provider doesnt allow i-frames, so
click yourself.

This is the way to go: web 2.0 business!

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  1. You are right, it doesn’t have to do anything with CC. When I blogged it, I had the story of a friend in mine, who had a similar case when one of his photos was used for a book, and that was under CC.

    So, Schmap asked us and thats independent of CC. Independent of that, CC would allow you to run a similar business easier, searching specially for commercially usable photos. But when you contact everyone individually for their permission, it really doesnt matter. Thx for pointing it out.

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