God and numbers blog

Mike Robb, my praying buddy in Kaiserslautern, and his lovely wife Katharina started a new blog to inform their friends about their trip and life in Aberdeen. They called the blog called “god and numbers” . Mike is a missionary, studying theology, Katharina is a mathematician, she worked for Fraunhofer before and is now searching for a Job in Aberdeen.

btw: Are you a company in Aberdeen, in need for a mathematician that can do stuff like this diploma thesis on “Spectral Analysis of Random Closed Sets. The Surface Measure Associated with a Random Closed Set”? Comment on their blog or write them.

The first blog post was about Mike moving his stuff. I showed up late for carrying, and then it became obvious that we had two problems. One was, that not everything will fit into the truck that Katharina’s dad has rented for the occasion. Using the great skills of re-structuring moving boxes I have learned with Ebo on my own move from Vienna to Kaiserslautern, we could solve that.

Here is the skills as used before:
Our stuff limited to a van
When we moved from vienna, in the van, the boxes reached up to the very ceiling and filled the whole thing. There was not place for one extra mouse in there. For Mike and Katharina, we produces a similar result, stuffing every item into the places of air that was left in the van (*proud of tetris skills*).

The second problem was, that we were not enough people. I came late, and besides me, the parents of Katharina were there. So, we were very lucky when two mormons biked by, saw the situation, looked, stopped, and asked if they could help. First we didn’t want to bother them, but looking at the situation, I asked them if they could help us carrying. They could, and then it was much easier. Love god, love your neighbour, love yourself, that is one of the many rules shared by our churches. Thanks god for giving these recommendations to make life better for this planet. At least for us, god works perfectly.