W3C published new Semantic Web logos

swhorzWe have a visual identity now! SWEO and the W3C communications team worked on different designs for a Semantic Web logo, to the right you see the nicely colored result.

They are available in different colors and tastes, like this:
owl in magenta

The three sides of the tri-color cube in these logos evoke the triplet of the RDF model. The peeled back lid invites you to Open Your Data to the Semantic Web!

W3C anticipates using the Semantic Web cube in conjunction with other imagery related to the Semantic Web. However, until the imagery is more widely recognized, it should not be used on its own. Please use the full logos above rather than the cube alone.

So, could someone please photoshop a picture of my head “opened up” instead of the triple on my forehead?

All the other logos here: