now with barcodes

The semantic web is about URIs, and every idea needs a URI. Each of my blog posts already got one, but now also in printed form. Look to the lower right, a mobile-phone readable QR code.

barcode for this post

Technically this all is age-old and I loved it already years ago when semapedia had its “uh-ah”. The Nipponese, in the meantime, went for the full monty and covered their island coast-to-coast with QR codes, so we have to catch up.

For my mother of all cell phones E70, I use the i-nigma reader (ha, another enigma pun) because it was listed on Nokias page on barcode apps.

To hack to render them I added a table after the blogposts in the “manage” menu – change template (html) – story.display – add somewhere this code (generated using i-nigma generator):

<!– barcode –>
<img style="float:right" src="<% %>&c=blogcode&s=4" alt="QR barcode linking to this story. Useful when
printed." />

The part needs to be replaced. It can probably be simplified by replacing the whole uri with <%
story.href %> but then I feared that the URL-encoding would break.

Next task for all Semantic Web lovers: print out and clue barcodes to all physical things that deserve a URI. And don’t fuck it by picking an uncool URI, pick a cool uri for the semantic web.

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