ANNOUNCEMENT of Aperture 1.0.1-beta release

Aperture is a Java framework for extracting full-text content and
metadata from various information systems (e.g. file systems, web sites,
mail boxes) and the file formats (e.g. documents, images) occurring in
these systems.

Today, on 12th November 2007, we publish the first beta release, marking the point where aperture is being applied in projects. The new version number is 1.0.1.

This release bears the mark of the Nepomuk Social Semantic Desktop – a major intiative combining research institutes and commercial companies from around Europe. Aperture is used as one of the pillars of a next-generation platform that changes the way people can organize and use the data stored on their computers. The input from the Nepomuk Community drove us to implement a host of new features that make Aperture more useful, more flexible and more powerful.

New Features

  • Aperture has been migrated to use the newly developed
    Nepomuk Information Element Ontology framework. This
    added a new level of precision and expressiveness to the
    output of Aperture components. The ontology itself
    is endorsed by the Nepomuk Consortium, well documented
    and maintained.
  • The output is now thoroughly tested with an extensible
    rdf validator for compliance with the ontology. This
    allowed us to fix a number of bugs that made certain
    properties appear in places they didn’t belong
  • the data source configuration API has been overhauled and
    is now much more easy to use
  • A new facility that allows clients to implement dynamic
    GUIs for data source configuration.
  • New JpgExtractor that extracts EXIF annotations from JPG
  • four new experimental crawlers (Flickr, Bibsonomy, and Apple IPhoto).
  • host of small improvements and bug fixes

Another improvement is a public wiki for documentation,
tutorials and FAQ.

Updated dependencies

  • Sesame 2.0 beta-6 (was beta-4)
  • RDF2Go 4.4.6
  • RDF2Go driver for sesame
  • A metadata-extractor-2.4.0-beta-1 library used by the
  • POI has been update to 3.0-FINAL
  • flickrapi-1.0b4 used by the FlickrCrawler
  • DFKIUtils 2.0 some XML-related utilities are used by the website crawlers
  • nrlvalidator-0.1 the validator used by the unit tests
  • infsail-0.1 and unionsail-0.1 dependencies of the

Download here.

Best regards
Antoni Mylka
Christiaan Fluit
Leo Sauermann