Glowing Tape Sculpture for Nowhere2008

What participatory Art project do you bring into the desert to Nowhere2008 festival? It has to glow, it has to look amazing, it has to be less than 5kg and 5 liter space to fit in the luggage in the airplane?

You have to bring an idea. The idea is combining Led lights with, a form of street art developed and perfected by Mark Jenkins.

The core of the idea is that the ingredients are cheap and can be bought virtually everywhere:

  • clear packing tape
  • plastic wrap
  • scissors or a knife
  • and an object you’d like to cast

Read the tutorial or watch the video by Mark Jenkins:

An technique that can be easily tought and copied. Excellent. Mash it up with LED Throwies (I use AA batteries) and we have lighted art.

Here is my first real piece, the Rabe:

Its a great piece of DJ art to give light to your labels:

And a second one, appearing magically today in Kaiserslautern:
arm with heart