Photos from ESWC & SFSW 2008 Online

Finally back in Germany, I uploaded the pictures from Tenerife, ESWC 2008. This also has some pictures from the SFSW Semantic Web Scripting Workshop.

First impression from ESWC was: good increase in quality and community. Second impression: no internet connection.
No Internet

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We showed Nepomuk, anticipating whatever questions come:
Heiko Haller Preparing for the Nepomuk audience
And it was good – Heiko won the best Poster.

Lots of meetings:
LOD session

Questions and discussions:
Questions? A LOT!

Some scientist who gave their first presentation in front of big audiences:
Katharina Siorpaes' talk about OntoGame

Kinga Schumacher presenting our paper on Semantic Search

Finally, we had fish:
Fish Diner

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