Eswc 2008 first impression

ESWC 2008 is over, and it was interesting. Best paper on combining data mining and sparql. Best poster was Heiko Hallers quikey (nepomuk) and best demo Knud Möller/Laura Dragan/Sebastian Trügs semantic desktop pipes for kde, also from the Nepomuk project. Score.

I kept chatting with interesting people about the future of the semantic desktop and my plans for bringing it to more people. During the whole event internet was rare and I currently type this on my nokia e70 at ristorant pomodoro in san telmo, they have free wifi….. Once I got web, you will see the nice pictures I did on flickr, but don’t hold your breath, from today on I am one week on holiday.

eswc rocks, and although our science is young, it can (in the words of Manfred Hauswirth) “feed itself”., and like an evolving being, starts to walk.