Its sunday and I wanted to really do shabatth/sabbath/a day of rest. So I looked it up, its 2Mose20, 8-11.

The rule is: rest. don’t work. look back on what you did and enjoy. It doesn’t say explicitly to give something to god on sunday, more to do it like god.

Interesting bit: the laws go on about the seven-day rule. Sticking to sabbath is a sign of the holiness and separation of Israel. On the seventh day, also animals and workers should rest. Also, every seven years, the fields should rest and be open for poor people to eat whatever grows there, and to the animals of the wild. This is especially interesting: the fields should recover from agriculture every seven years, and wild animals have a right to roam them every seven years. I interpret this in the meaning that different fields take sabbath in rounds, there is always a few fields on sabbath.

This also shows how god thinks about agriculture and sustainability, its built-in since Moses. More on this in the next days, I found another good rule: three festivities are required each year 🙂