One day to ESTC2008, one day into KI2008

I am still at KI2008 conference (which is located on the ground floor of the building where I work, so not attending the conference is hard 🙂 and will go to ESTC2008 tonight.

As blogged before, I will be speaking at ESTC2008, on 25th September 2008 around 16:45 in the Rittersaal room.

The topics of my talk will be circling around Semantic Desktop, personalized Semantic Web, and how this is used or can be used in company settings

  • Why is Semantic Web needed on the desktop?
  • How does data fusion work on the desktop?
  • What is a personal information model?
  • How do existing user interfaces and user experience change?
  • Which projects are active and what are their results?