btw, gnowsis is not part of KDE – but its a good idea :-)

Due to current rumour that appears on the net and in chats around me because of my talk on wednesday at ISWC: gnowsis is not part of KDE. But nepomuk-kde is part of kde.

its all a bit complex: gnowsis was my diploma thesis and was continued as open source project at DFKI, where I started working in 2004. In 2006, NEPOMUK started as a EU project (hence NEPOMUK was then used as project name for an EU research project, not for software) which funded research on Semantic Desktop. Gnowsis continued a bit until about December 2006, when we reached version 0.9.2, which is the last release.

Since then, most of our energy goes into (“Psew”, nepomuk-server) which is a Java-based Semantic Desktop research prototype, and much work also goes into, which is a KDE based semantic desktop product.

nepomuk-KDE = product
gnowsis = Leo’s hibernating Semantic Desktop open source project
nepomuk-server = java based semantic desktop research prototype (=most many features, but less inteagration with os as KDE has)
psew = GUI for nepomuk-server (at the moment also bundles nepomuk-server)

All of them share the same concepts: RDF on the desktop, a PersonalInformationModel, Annotation of everyday things, embedding into existing applications (=thats where we differ from others like haystack).

but as people keep asking about it: I do long for a working semantic desktop, and porting gnowsis’ simplicity to KDE would indeed be nice.
How nice? Nice enough that you want to pay me something to do it?

Because I would like to continue working on this the next years (NEPOMUK EU project or not) …. the first six years were already quite rewarding ­čÖé