The naymz hype – should I?

I am getting invitation after invitation for Now, what do they do that is related to us?

It is a web 2.0 application similar to facebook or linkedin, giving you the opportunity to manage a social network and get a good-googleable personal website. It somehow is a freebase/sindice for the web2.0 when it comes to the question of “identity”.

My name is already pretty well googleable, so I wonder if I need naymz. Also, their homepage is a bit search-engine optimized. If you go to, you find a “directory” of links on the lower half of the page and links to entry points, if I click their lawyer directory the first hit is a search engine optimization marketeer. I hesitate a little to join a club that is so optimized on search engines, and not on content. If I google for images on “leo kaiserslautern” it works well, so you could search-engine optimize without having these index-links on the frontpage. Hm.

Techcrunch said two years ago that the company has five employees and has taken an angel investment of $250,000. So they used that to build up a rather complete app, and I guess they already are in second or third VC round. But I don’t find more news about them on techcrunch.

Now I say I don’t join because I don’t need it and I see their “front-page” spamming a bit spooky, what do you think about it? Did anyone read their privacy statement/contracts? Please Comment…

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  1. Hi Leo,

    I think Naymz runs a pretty good business- but as you said, it depends what you need them for.

    I suggest you also take a look at LookupPage. They’re more into helping people enhance their professional web-presence, as opposed to social-networking.

    And don’t be concerned about seeing SEO markers on websites- it’s just a sign that the website is doing all it can to help its users market themselves.

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