Amazing Excel 3D graphics engine

wow. I failed to resize a bloody 3D diagram in excel, and googling for “excel 3d line axis length” added another distraction from my PhD,
behold the power of Excel’s 3d gaming engine.

“Integration of computer games and spreadsheets has tightened during the evolution of computer technology.

At an early stage this integration among the the games and spreadsheets was comical, e.g. they were installed on the same hard disk, or the purchased games were listed in an Excel sheet. Later the integration has tightened, as some games introduced a built-in spreadsheet (accessible by the “boss key” feature) – or Excel contained some built-in 3D games as Easter Eggs.

Now we have arrived at the next step of this integration, as Excel’s cutting-edge 3D functionality is not hidden in Easter Eggs anymore but can be accessible publicly and easily. Excel has grown up and started its conquest as a revolutionary 3D game engine.”