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Semantic Sense for the Desktop A project brings Semantic Web technology to personal documents.

“This might be the semantic desktop that actually survives,” says Nova Spivack, CEO and founder of Radar Networks, the company behind Twine, a semantic bookmarking and social-networking service. “There’s a lot of potential to build on what they’ve done.”

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The idea of a semantic desktop is not new. The Open Source Applications Foundation and SRI, two nonprofit organizations, have both worked on similar projects. But previous efforts have suffered from the difficulty of generating good semantic information: for semantic software to be useful, semantic information needs to be generated and tagged to files and documents. But without useful applications in the first place, it is hard to persuade users to generate and tag this data themselves.

Nepomuk is distinguished by a more practical vision, says Ansgar Bernardi, deputy head of knowledge management research at DFKI. The software adds a lot of semantic information automatically and encourages users to add more by making annotated data more useful. It also provides an easy way to share tagged information with others.

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  1. inkel asked for downloads:

    Hey inkel, it is available for download, but the java version is a bit “prototypcial”

    The KDE version is much more stabler (less features than the java version, higher quality guis)

    I would recommend going for the KDE version now,
    but I am in the process of doing a startup to make a product for windows and mac.

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